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Save time and enjoy the flexibility of PrimePay's Online Payroll Solution.

With our secure payroll portal, you can enter and manage payroll data from a computer, laptop or tablet, 24/7. The user-friendly platform requires no software purchase and no other special equipment. You can easily process your payroll, enjoy unlimited access to payroll reports, as well as receive our hassle-free payroll tax filing service, new hire reporting and on-time delivery. 

When you're faced with an urgent payroll question or issue, you'll be connected with a specialist who can put you at ease.  Our support specialists are accessible by phone or email.* 

PrimePay Offers Online Payroll


Our payroll system is equipped with a comprehensive Online Document Center that provides advanced customization and capabilities in reporting, formatting, generating summaries and the ability to share data with your CPA.  The highly secure platform allows you to access payroll data all in one place, offering convenience to businesses with multiple locations.

PrimePay Has Online Payroll Reporting Customization

Exceeding Your Payroll Processing Expectations

Concentrate on what you're passionate about, we'll manage the rest. Our Online Payroll solution comes complete with:

       PrimePay Automatically Completes Payroll Taxes              PrimePay Offers Strong Payroll Support                 PrimePay Offers Custom Payroll Tools        

That's not all. This service also includes:

Employee payroll checks and earning statements

Year-end W-2 processing and filing

Annual and quarterly federal, state and local employment tax returns

Multiple delivery options

Payroll timesheets, journals, tax summaries and departmental summaries

Annual and quarterly federal unemployment tax returns and deposits

Payroll deduction reports, terminated employee listings and new hire reports

Want even more? Our add-on payroll service options include: check signing and inserting, direct deposit, CPA report packages, online pay statements, ACA reporting, payroll Paycards, workers' compensation reports, labor distribution reports, general ledger reports, 401(k) reports, online payroll and more.

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