Online Pay Statements

Less Paper, More Security

Give your employees the convenience of 24/7 access to online pay statements.

PrimePay's online pay statements replace that traditional (and wasteful) paper pay statement that employees receive on payday. Online pay statements include the same pay information normally included on a paper statement -- such as gross and net pay, taxes withheld, year-to-date totals and accruals for vacation and personal time -- but in an easy-to-understand, logical format. Now, employees and employers can go green and shred those old paper pay statements cluttering their cars, filing cabinets and kitchen tables.


  • Convenient, secure access to your employees' pay statements anytime, anywhere
  • Online access to both current and past earnings statements
  • No need to reprint pay statements if your employees lose one
  • 24/7 availability for those employees who travel on business regularly
  • Immediate access to past earnings statements when the need to apply for a loan or purchase a new home arrises

Online pay statements are secure. 

Your employees' data security is our number one priority. Online pay statements provide you and your employees with a more secure option than paper statements. Paper statements can be thrown away or left on a desk, increasing the risk of exposing confidential/personal information. Online pay statements, on the other hand, significantly reduce the risk of identity theft since less people are able to get their hands on that electronic version.

  • We encrypt all of the data transmissions between your computer and our services using industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) protection. 
  • For augmented security, PrimePay does not display your employee's Social Security number on their online statements. 
  • Additionally, we mask bank account numbers to help eliminate the risk of identity theft. 
  • Employee pay statements are safely accessible from any computer using a secure employee login and password: Only your employees have access to their username and password.

Online pay statements are easy to use. 

Each payday, employees receive an email notification that their pay statement is available online. 

  • Using any device with internet connection and a web browser, employees are able to access a secure website where their current and previous pay statements are stored. 
  • Employees are able to view their pay statements, print them and save them to their computers. 
  • Online pay statements allow you, the employer, to distribute important messages to your team: keeping them up to date on special events, upcoming deadlines, benefit changes and company policies.


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