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UPDATE:  PrimePay Unaffected by Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability

PrimePay is aware of the recently announced OpenSSL vulnerability nicknamed "Heartbleed."  Given the severity of this vulnerability, and the high levels of anxiety caused by the breadth of coverage on this issue, PrimePay wants to communicate to all our customers that PrimePay’s software is safe from this exploit.

** Our Information Security team has verified that PrimePay’s web applications and supporting infrastructure are NOT vulnerable to the Heartbleed exploit. **

PrimePay’s web applications are based on the Windows operating system, and thus do not use OpenSSL.  PrimePay Infrastructure and vendor systems have been confirmed to not include the TLS Heartbeat functionality, and therefore are not vulnerable to this attack.

To learn more about Heartbleed, visit for details regarding Open SSL and vulnerabilities.

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