The PrimePay Marketplace -
A Private Insurance Exchange

The PrimePay Health Insurance Marketplace makes it "easy" for employers to deliver their health benefits to employees.

Our marketplace is an efficient technology platform integrating the full medical benefits, pre-tax health accounts, consolidated billing, COBRA compliance and, most important, the payroll processing for employers.

Health insurance decisions are not always simple, but the PrimePay Health Insurance Marketplace engages and educates employees throughout the process to make their health insurance shopping a much more convenient and rewarding experience.

You and your employees gain:

  • A one-stop shopping experience for health insurance needs
  • Direct link with insurance carriers on both medical and voluntary/ancillary products
  • Consolidated billing that makes managing premiums and payments easy
  • COBRA compliance with new hires and terminating employees
  • Integration with payroll saving time while minimizing potential errors in entering employee deduction additions and changes
  • Practical education tools and resources through the enrollment process to help employees make better decisions for their family
  • Access to the tools needed for employers to build an enhanced, comprehensive and expansive benefits package that will help them to recruit and retain top talent